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Hawaii Broadcast Television

Network television programming on broadcast stations originate in Honolulu. They are re-transmitted to relay stations and translators on the neighbor islands. The major broadcast TV networks have local affiliates in the islands. In addition to traditional over the air broadcasts, the network stations are carried by cable TV systems located on each island.

Nearly all television stations in Hawaii are broadcasting over the air in digital as mandated by the FCC and Federal Government. To receive an over the air (OTA) digital broadcast, consumers need a TV set that is capable of receiving a digital signal, or an external digital converter box plugged into an analog set. Either an outdoor or an indoor TV antenna is also required. To check whether or not you can receive a free OTA digital broadcasts, visit the Antenna Web site.

Most of the major cable television networks are receivable on Hawaii's cable television and satellite systems. Every Hawaiian Island except Niihau and Kahoolawe have access to cable TV service. Channel and network line-ups vary from system to system. Contact your local cable television company for channel and network information for your area. The dominant cable TV company in the Honolulu area is Time Warner Oceanic Cable. Go to their website to see complete lists of all the TV channels and services they offer.

Hawaiian Telcom also offers digital cable TV services to select areas of Oahu.

Satellite TV is available through Dish Network and Direct TV.

CBS's reboot of "Hawaii Five-0" is now in its 4th season. Viewers can watch "Hawaii Five-0" on their local CBS TV station (KGMB TV in Hawaii) as well as online at CBS.com.

University of Hawaii Sports programming is now shown exclusively on Time Warner Oceanic Cable TV channels. Depending on the type of sport, some games air live only on pay-per-view.

Home page links are highlighted where applicable by clicking on the station's call letters.

The FCC Hawaii TV Query page can be accessed from this link.

List of TV Stations in Hawaii (Wikipedia)

Hawaii Broadcast TV Stations
Most of the TV stations listed here are carried on Time Warner Oceanic Cable in Hawaii.

ChannelCall LettersNetworkProgramming Notes
2.1 KHON Fox Joe Moore, Local News, Fox Network programs
2.2 KHON CW Uses monicker "CW 93"
4.1 KITV ABC "Honolulu's Channel 4" ABC News & Programs
4.2 KITV Me TV Memorable Entertainment Television (MeTV) - schedule
5.1 KGMB CBS CBS News & Programs; "Hawaii News Now" simulcast with KHNL
5.2 KGMB This TV This TV Network - movies, cartoons, series, etc.
6.1 KLEI Independent Broadcasts from Kailua-Kona, Big Island of Hawaii
9.1 KFVE MNTV "KFVE The Home Team" + My Network TV
11.1 KHET PBS PBS-Hawaii + local program content
11.2 KHET PBS-Kids children's programming
13.1 KHNL NBC NBC Programming; "Hawaii News Now" simulcast with KGMB
13.2 KHNL Antenna TV Antenna TV: Classic TV Shows & Movies
14.1 KWHE LeSea Commercial & Religious Programming
14.2 KWHE LeSea Religious Programming
15.1 KUPU Indp. Hawaii Catholic TV
20.1 KIKU Indp. Japanese Programming + syndicated content
26.1 KAAH TBN Religious (Trinity Broadcasting Network)
26.2 KAAH Church Channel Religious
26.3 KAAH JCTV Christian Music Videos
26.4 KAAH Enlace Religious - Spanish
26.5 KAAH Smile Religious - Children
32.1 KBFD Indp. Korean
32.2 KBFD Indp. Korean
38.1 KALO Indp. Religious
44.1 KWBN Daystar Religious
46 KHLU Univision Spanish (low power, analog UHF)
50.1 KKAI RTV Religious / Classic TV Shows
66.1 KPXO Ion Ion Network Programming
66.2 KPXO Qubo Children's programming
66.3 KPXO Ion Life Healthy life and sports programs
66.4 KPXO Worship Religious

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