Hawaii is a place to be, whether you’re a traveller, a local, or someone who just wants to know more about the heavenly place. With sparkling beaches, and active nightlife, who doesn’t want to miss visiting the picturesque area. Hawaii is the trendiest destination in all of America. Situated in the Pacific Ocean, it showcases some of the best islands that can be witnessed.



As far as the hot topics in Hawaii are concerned and you want to more, chances are:


  • You are either visiting the place soon.
  • Thinking of visiting the place
  • Have fond memories of the place
  • Or are you just a local who lives in Hawaii.


What’s hot and trending in Hawaii?

Here is a list of all the trends that are happening right now and Hawaii.

The Andaz hotel gets prestige.

If you are local or have visited Hawaii, chances are you must have heard or visited the famous Andaz hotel. In the trending news, it has been declared that the hotel is one of the very top great hotels in the world. It has been given prestige by recognition as one of the best hotels in the world. Considering the exquisite services one gets to come across, the news does not come as very surprising at all.


There are unfortunately more attacks by Sharks.

There has been an undeniable rise in shark attacks all over the island and is something that is scaring off people and travellers a lot. But the local authorities state that sharks only attack when their safety is threatened. And that the event is very rare. That being said we will still advise you to be on your guard and stay away from the deeper ends, especially where past events haven’t been great.


Stairway to heaven.

Though there were reports earlier last year that the beautiful stairway to heaven has been closed down because of repairs. We are glad to report that it’s back to give you the pleasure of looking out to the rest of the island once more. It’s completely repaired and open to the public.